To meet these expectations, the company has established comprehensive HSE management systems. The safety and well-being of all employees, and those who are associated with RothLochston, is our primary focus. Our goal is to ensure high-quality work is completed within a culture of zero harm. RothLochston’s approach to HSE encompasses thorough and ongoing analysis, education, and the application of personal commitments within an environment of mutual support.

Environmental Responsibility

RothLochston is committed to the protection of the environment. All management and employees have a role to play in ensuring environmental protection: a duty that requires our constant diligence. Our guiding principles of environmental protection are:

  • Ensure that our operations comply with applicable government legislation, corporate policy, and applicable industry standards concerning the protection of the environment and the public
  • Ensure during project planning, implementation, and operation that the environmental issues associated with our business are identified, evaluated, and mitigated.
  • Ensure the appropriate waste management programs are developed and implemented
  • Ensure that all employees, and others engaged on behalf of the company, are informed regarding protection of the environment
  • Ensure that operations allow for the efficient use of energy and other resources
  • Deal openly and fairly with members of the public and our clients regarding environmental concerns



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