Project Description

Structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation completion (SMPEI) in Long Harbour, NL.

Nickel Electrowinning, Bays 1 & 2, SMPEIW, 2015-2015

Port Limestone, Areas 211 & 212, SMPEIW, 2015

Cobalt, Electrowinning, SMPEIW, 2016

Autoclave 1 & Boiler 2, Area 221, SMPEIW, 2016.

Project Challenges

Our project team transitioned from the expansion project at Rio Tinto IOC Site to the Vale Long Harbour site in 2014. Since then, we have completed two large scale SMPEIW projects and are now carrying out another two in 2016 with a construction team in excess of 1000 employees. We are executing the phase two construction to operational plant completion.

We are working to an aggressive construction, commissioning and operational schedule to deliver the assets to production on or ahead of the Q3 milestone date.

These projects are being completed in an operating plant. Congestion and confined space is the typical workspace. Our objective, as always, is to deliver the asset without harm to our employees. Scope changes and material deliveries are the biggest project management issues. Maintaining productivity and meeting subsystem milestone delivery dates require cooperation and the team work. Attributes our project team work on everyday to ensure project success.

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