Project Description

The Company completed structural and mechanical work associated with the replacement of three (3) Wet Scrubbers inside the pellet plant screenhouse. This replacement included the demolition and installation of ducting, piping, mechanical components, and structural elements. Ducting replacements spanned four floors of the building and were constructed of abrasion resistant steel with single sections weighting over 1500lbs. Structural steel was installed to allow for the installation of the ducting and scrubbers. The three scrubbers were replaced using a mobile crane outside the building to lift sections from a laydown outside at ground level, through the roof and down into position. Scrubber sections weighed upward of 8500lbs with overall weights of over 32,000lbs for each scrubber. New fans and motors were installed with each scrubber. This also included the installation of process water piping, valves, and flow meters. RothLochston also completed various other area/equipment improvements as requested by operations staff in the screenhouse, while completing the contractual scope of work.

Project Challenges

This project was completed in a brown field environment in an operating plant. Due to the criticality of the scrubbers to the screenhouse no more than one scrubber could be demolished and replaced at a time. This also applied to the associated ducting and mechanical components. The key to success was the cooperation, communication, and extensive planning with both the clients project and operations staff to ensure everyone worked in a safe and productive environment.

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